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The student can write code and mainly share this code e.g. e-mail it to his parents. The parents can click on the link that they receive, and see the code that their child wrote.

The student has the ability to:
- write code which may contain anything that he has learnt during the online Learn to Code Lessons by TEST4U (html, css, javascript, php)
- save the code (e.g. in order to edit it later or send it to his friends)
- share the code with his friends at the social media

- send the code via email to his parents so that they can see it


Sample Code - Games

We have writen five (5) codes for the students. Two of them are the games Circles and Pong.

The codes contain comments in specific parts e.g. on variables. The comments help students edit the code. E.g. at the Pong game, The students can change the color or the speed of the ball, e.tc.

Our goal at this point is to familiarize with the code and not to write a game, no matter how simple it may be.

It goes without saying that the student can share the code with his parents. Again via email, the parents will receive a link through which they can play the game that their child has edited.

The code can be posted on the social media.

Description of the five (5) code samples

  1. Hello World!
    The first program that almost all programmers write couldn't be absent from our examples.
  2. Questions – Answers
    The students type their own questions and attempting to guess the user's possible answers, they type the answers as well.
  3. Birthday
    The student will type his date of birth and the program will calculate how many days are left until his birthday (in order to prepare his parents for the gift) and in the meantime it shows the days that have passed since his date of birth until now.
  4. Circles
    The screen displays circles of different colors and sizes. The student has to break the circles by clicking on them. The student can adjust the duration of the game and the amount of circles.
  5. Pong
    The screen displays two (2) paddles and one ball. The player competes against the PC. The student can modify the color of the ball, its position, its speed, the paddle color e.tc.

These Lessons and Games are prepared by infolearn (www.infolearn.com.gr) and are sponsored by DIPLOMA Certification Body (www.diploma.edu.gr)

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