The Academy-of-Code.com is built upon the initiative of the young and enthusiastic people who founded Infolearn in 2003.

Infolearn is committed to providing education about Computers and IT Technology. The vision about quality education has resulted in developing an innovative software that would allow people to study and train on their own pace, in an interactive and engaging way. This software is TEST4U, and it has been used by more than 700.000 students who wish to gain new IT skills and prepare for IT Certification examinations, for more than 19 applications.

Infolearn has developed an on-line learning platform for people who are interested in gaining a solid background of coding, freely accessible to everyone. Once it became clear that this platform covers the objectives of the EU Code Week, the platform was listed at the resources.

The online learning platform has been used by more than 50.000 students of 41 countries since 2014, during the officially scheduled EU Code Week Events. But this platform is much more than simple material for demonstration during a one-week period, once a year. It is a powerful, dynamic tool that can help familiarize with coding millions of young people around the globe!

We envision of creating a community of enthusiastic members who will promote coding concepts to young students and help them change their way of thinking. Whether you are a student of any age, eager to learn, a teacher interested in spreading the coding concept and organize events, or a professional who would devote a few hours to translate the coding concepts to your mother tongue, come and join our community!

We appreciate your effort. We share the same vision.