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This is your working desktop. Before we begin, click here to take a quick tour.
echo 'Hello world!';
This is the code you see right now in the top box. You can see that it begins with <?php and ends with ?>.
These are called PHP tags, and all of our PHP code must be enclosed within these tags. When a tag is opened, it must be closed.
This example displays the message "Hello World!" to the browser. Click on the execute button to see it in action.
What PHP actually does, is call the function named echo, and pass to it the text that is enclosed within the single quotes, in our case Hello World!.
One more very important thing is the semicolon (the Greek question mark) at the end of the line. The semicolon, declares the end of the command and cannot be omitted.
Play a little bit with the echo function, and when you are ready click on the BEGIN button to begin your free lessons.